The Evolution

Welcome to the final installment, blog #3 in the Maxima Wealth Management rebranding.

With everything in place to officially launch my new identity, I wanted to review the final outcome along with the process I took to get there. This step is actually referred to as The Review and is the final step in the financial planning process. At Maxima Wealth Management, I believe that planning is the cornerstone of financial success, so it should not be a surprise that The Quest and The Identity are an illustration of the “5-Steps to Planning” — a strategy I have found useful whether for personal use or for wealth management.

Assess the Situation

The first step to this five-step approach is assessing the situation. In my first blog, The Quest, I did some informal and formal assessments. Part of the assessment was recognizing I needed to re-ignite my passion for my profession. This assessment led me to the analysis and clarification of my short and long-term goals. This step is very important in the financial planning process and one that we would accomplish before anything else.

Develop a Plan

For the second step, I worked at developing the plan to meet my goals. I have found that realizing my goals, whether they are personal or professional, is a much more successful process when I have a plan. When you decide to develop a financial plan it’s important to take into account several considerations.

The first is to address any obstacles standing in the way of you and your financial goals.

The second consideration is to determine the tools available to help overcome and avoid the obstacles.

Finally, it’s important to make sure that your plan is workable and makes sense. It will do you absolutely no good to develop a plan if you cannot follow it. This is where professional assistance is necessary.

I was able to identify and overcome my obstacles through the utilization and implementation of a personal self-assessment tool. This process required me to assess my strengths, clarify what is most important to me and then define my Ideal Client. As I discussed in The Quest, this process became one of the most important aspects to my plan.

Choose Planning Tools

The third step required me to decide on the tools to use that could help me achieve the desired results. As with most tools – the user needs to know how to properly use the tool before it can be of use to them.

For my purpose, I chose tools that would illustrate my level of commitment to my clients, which include my original Client Service Experience and a newly developed client-friendly website. Just as a hammer is meant to drive a nail and is not intended to cut through wood, certain tools have specific uses.

At Maxima Wealth Management, using a holistic approach to planning, we look at your entire financial picture and recommend tools that will integrate well with the rest of your plan to create synergy. We take the view that a proper financial plan will utilize the most appropriate tools available and that there is no such thing as “one-size-fits-all” in the financial world.

Implement a Structure

Implementation is the fourth step in the planning process. With the website complete and a client agreement in place my quest was nearing the final stage.

Just as a hammer will never drive a nail into wood unless somebody picks it up and swings it, your tools and your plans will do you no good unless you use them. To help facilitate the use of the financial tools, Maxima Wealth Management has developed, and makes available to our clients, resource materials designed to help educate our clients so that they can properly use the structures and tools created.

Review the Structure

I see my quest as an ongoing way of life, much like I see the requirement of a regular review of your financial plan. Once you have developed and implemented a plan, it is important to review the plan periodically as required by the fifth and final step. It makes good sense to review your plan and to reassess your situation at least on an annual basis.

Remember, if a ship leaves port and is off by one degree when it departs and the crew does not catch the mistake for a week, they will be many miles off course when they do discover that they made a mistake. A periodic review allows you to get back on course if things change or new obstacles arise.

Ongoing Journey

I encourage you to come in and go through this five-step approach whether it’s for you, your family or your business. It’s never too late to take The Quest and make sure your financial plan is in place and leading you to the financial future you envision.

Please take some time and peruse my new website, Make sure you continue to check back for upcoming blogs!

The Identity

Welcome to blog #2 in the Maxima Wealth Management rebranding quest.

In order to move forward with my company rebranding, I realized I must embark on a set of actions, and taking action involves a number of steps. I developed my goals and had a clear idea of who my ideal client was. This information would guide me in meeting my mission and realizing my vision. During this process I developed a tool: the Client Service Experience; this would continue to guide me throughout my quest.

Next came the concept of creating an identity for my company. I started this quest in an effort to renew my passion for why I became an independent financial advisor. It made sense that rebranding was a necessary step. I realized my previous brand no longer reflected me or my company. It was my desire to create an identity that was a reflection of me, personally and professionally, as well as a statement of my promise to my clients and my company’s values. My identity would include the visual elements of a company name, its logo and colors.

A Name With Meaning

I started by wanting to personalize the name of the company. Yes, I wanted it to speak to my clients, but I also wanted it to speak to me. I reached deep down inside and realized I wanted the name to illustrate my legacy. A big part of one’s legacy is one’s surname, mine being Wagner. But it also includes intangible gifts left by those who are no longer with us; such as, experiences, memories and character.

You may not know this, but my mother passed away when I was a teenager. I learned a lot through this experience and it played into my overall development. I wanted to take this opportunity to honor that legacy, to honor my mom. Her name was Maxine, so I set out to incorporate her name into the legacy I was creating. The ancient Roman form of Maxine is Maxima and it means the greatest. This was the perfect start of creating my new identity.

I knew I wanted the name to be descriptive of what I did. As I brainstormed the variety of possible descriptive company names, I chose Wealth Management. To me, the word wealth speaks to abundance and prosperity and many times refers to material goods. It was my intent to choose words that illustrate both physical and abstract ideas.

So, the new name of my company was decided: Maxima Wealth Management. And it actually rolled right off my tongue.

Colors, Symbols, and Meaning

The next task was to select my colors and assist my graphic artist in designing a logo. I knew I wanted to incorporate a graphic that represented Arizona desert mountains, not only because I live in Arizona but also because I love the desert and hiking.

Every morning I’m fortunate to look toward the Four Peaks just east of Phoenix. The Four Peaks symbolize for me the opportunity we all have to reach our goals and realize our purpose. Additionally, I wanted to incorporate the colors, burnt orange and navy blue. Burnt orange reminds me of the Arizona desert as well as a visual representing energy. And, navy blue has always been a color of calm and strength to me. I was very pleased when my graphic artist designed the logo now depicting Maxima Wealth Management.

Ongoing Journey

Having my Mission, Vision, Ideal Client, Client Service Experience and a company Identity in place, I was now able to put it all together and display it for client viewing. I was ready to continue my quest towards a more relationship-based profession, one that is more satisfying to me and to my clients. Please take some time and peruse my new website, Make sure you check back in for blog #3 of The Quest!

The Quest

Welcome to the Maxima Wealth Management Blog!

A year ago, I embarked upon a quest to renew my passion for why I became an independent financial advisor. Without realizing it, the profession I loved had become transactional versus relational. My passion was to develop more meaningful relationships with my clients; I wanted to partner with my clients as they achieve their financial and life goals.

This process has been challenging and forced me to recognize and confront my weaknesses. I recognized that I needed something more and sought out a coach, someone who could guide me through this quest. My coach required a commitment from me, and I agreed to take the necessary steps to ensure a positive coaching relationship.

Business and Life Vision

My first challenge was to develop short and long-term goals. I was asked to think sincerely about what I wanted in my personal and professional life. It was through this step that I formalized my mission statement: “build lasting partnerships with clients and be their trusted advisor for all aspects of their financial lives.” I knew I wanted to focus more on educating my clients so they could take an active role in developing, implementing, and managing their financial future.

The next step involved the utilization and implementation of a self-assessment tool. This particular tool helped assess my strengths and clarify what is most important to me. This became the foundation for the success of my quest.
Through this tool I learned that my top five strengths are:

1. Judgement, critical thinking, and open-mindedness (key strengths in being a capable financial advisor)
2. Capacity to love and be loved (ability to have deeper relationships with clients, family, and friends)
3. Fairness, equity, and justice (practicing ethical behavior and doing what’s right)
4. Self-control and self-regulation (capability to be self-disciplined)
5. Caution, prudence, and discretion (ability to make sensible decisions)

I share these with you to provide awareness and understanding as I reintroduce myself and Maxima Wealth Management to you. Having a clear understanding of my strengths offered me the opportunity to re-examine some of my personal assumptions, thereby redefining and/or clarifying my goals and objectives with more specificity. This process actually strengthened my confidence in my goals and objectives, as well as my passion as a financial advisor.

It was at this time that I was ready to TAKE ACTION!

Begin With the End in Mind

I started this process by describing my Ideal Client. This is a description of the person who would choose Michelle Lee Wagner as their financial advisor as well as the person Michelle Lee Wagner would choose as a client. Specifically, the type of person who would choose Michelle Lee Wagner is someone interested in a financial advisor who is client-focused, independent, experienced, and committed to active communication. This person desires customized strategies built to meet their individual financial goals.

The type of client Michelle Lee Wagner wants is someone committed to improving their quality of life, who is willing to take advice and then take action, who values professional input, and who is dedicated to being engaged in the financial planning process. Defining my Ideal Client became identifying one of my most important goals, the goal that guides other goals and objectives.

Level of Commitment to Our Clients

Now that I knew exactly who my Ideal Client was, I proceeded to author my original Client Service Agreement. This Client Service Agreement illustrates the commitment I made to myself on behalf of my current and future clients. It details the frequency of communication and level of service my clients would experience in their work with me.

I am excited to continue sharing with you my personal quest of renewing my passion as an independent financial advisor, ensuring a more relationship-based profession. Please take a look at the following Ideal Client and Client Service Experience and then check back in for chapter two of The Quest!